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Avr 10

Child Labour in Great Britain


Jan 13

Australia slideshow (séquence faite avec mes 4e)

Do you want to know more about Australia ? Have a look at my slideshow !    

Oct 11

An original excuse note

That’s an original excuse, don’t you think ?  My pupils thought so…  

Mar 22

Marius the Platypus

A little message from Marius the Platypus to my dear pupils of 4e…

Mar 05

Australia : top 10 destinations

Here is the video I used for my lesson on Australia.  

Jan 30

Meet an Australian family, the COOPERS

Here is the first part of the slideshow used in class (4e), and you can listen to the dialogues of the listening activity.    

Jan 22

Tips for a healthy lifestyle

Here are a few tips given by some of my pupils (4e)

Jan 04

Don’t be a couch potato ! (extrait de la séquence de 4e « food and health »)

Here are a few tips for a healthier lifestyle.