Mai 31

Good habits (6e)

My habits 6e

Mai 30

School rules (5e)

Exercises on school rules.

Special thanks to Isabelle B. (LearningApps)

Mai 21

What time is it ?

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Mai 03

Padlet, 5e

Vous trouverez de nouveaux liens sur mon padlet (exercices sur le prétérit)

Sources : Anglaisfacile, Learning Apps

La liste des verbes irréguliers est disponible dans la rubrique GRAMMAR

Avr 30


Special thanks to FingertipsEnglish !

Avr 20


Here are a few pictures of our school trip to York.

For more pictures and videos, check out the school website:

Special thanks to Team Platypus and Team Quing Bees.

We had a wonderful time, and a nice weather !

York Shambles

English breakfast on the Ferry

Fountains Abbey


Avr 01



Avr 01

Child Labour in Great Britain


Child labour

Mar 26

British currency

Here’s what British money looks like. Have a look at this before the trip to York. 

Mar 25

The « Do you like ? » song

We sang this song in class, then the pupils of 6e1 wrote their own DO YOU LIKE song.


The 6e1 DO YOU LIKE song

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