Sep 17

My trip to London, August 2017

Click here to see some of the pictures I took during my holiday in London. 


Big Ben

Harry Potter studios

Sep 05

Back to school !

Août 28

Summer holidays

I hope you enjoyed your holidays…ready to go back to school ?

Here’s a slideshow that will help you relive some of the pleasant moments you had this summer…

Summer holidays diapo compresse 6e-ilovepdf-compressed (1)

Août 24


Many thanks to @FingertipsEnglish



Mai 31

Good habits (6e)

My habits 6e

Mai 30

School rules (5e)

Exercises on school rules.

Special thanks to Isabelle B. (LearningApps)

Mai 21

What time is it ?

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Mai 03

Padlet, 5e

Vous trouverez de nouveaux liens sur mon padlet (exercices sur le prétérit)

Sources : Anglaisfacile, Learning Apps

La liste des verbes irréguliers est disponible dans la rubrique GRAMMAR

Avr 30


Special thanks to FingertipsEnglish !

Avr 20


Here are a few pictures of our school trip to York.

For more pictures and videos, check out the school website:

Special thanks to Team Platypus and Team Quing Bees.

We had a wonderful time, and a nice weather !

York Shambles

English breakfast on the Ferry

Fountains Abbey


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